What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is the next evolution of tactical combat simulations from Paintball. It originated in Japan and gradually spread around the world and instead of firing balls of paint at each other, Airsoft weapons project small plastic ball bearings referred to as BB’s. Airsoft evolved further from the early days of paintball skirmishing and has progressed into tactical military simulation events using realistic imitation firearms and fully automatic bb guns to create realistic scenarios. Whilst you might have heard of BB guns before and perhaps seen them at a local market place these weapons are very accurate and powerful and for all intents and purposed for realistic imitation firearms as the weight and build quality is very close to the real thing.

The main difference is accuracy, and most Airsoft electric guns fire on fully automatic so rather than pumping out a couple of paint balls you can really suppress your enemy with a burst of 100 – 500 rounds depending on your weapon, within a couple of seconds. Our skirmishes, missions and wars are often based on real events and designed and ran by our Directing Staff who have significant operational training experience, and it’s such experience that enables us to run games that are second to none.

The beauty of the Military Camp, is that with our Academy, it’s a chance to get geared up in kit similar to what you might see in the military and then rather than just go and play a game, you live the scenario. Airsoft is also used by the police and military in combat and tactical firearms simulations and training in many countries, because of its realism and our missions are designed so for a few hours/days you forget the humdrum of normal life and fully immerse yourself in simulated combat where not only will we test you, but you will test yourself.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our Corporate rate can vary depending on the group size and venue required. Also you must also take into account the extra provisions and supplies you may want to add to the war. Here are some examples of things you could buy for your weekend.

•   Extra Paintballs/Airsoft Bullets
•   Paint Burst Grenades
•   Airsoft Grenades
•   Smoke Grenades
•   Flash Bangs
•   Two man Quad Bike, Driver & Shooter
•   Spy Drone, Incl; Wireless Live Camera
•   Riot Shields
•   Dune Buggies
•   Fireworks Display
•   Trip Wires & Paint Explosives & More

As you can see, anything is possible. Ask us if you have any ideas you would like to add the Military Camp and we will see if we can accommodate your requests. In order to calculate the costs and prices of each event and course the Academy leaders will arrange a meeting with your company to discuss and tailor your camp to your needs and requirements.

Tactical Wing Tsun Training

During the course of the Military Boot camp you will receive Tactical hand-to-hand Wing Tsun training enabling you to learn basic hand-to-hand combat and takedowns, weapons retention techniques for disarming hand guns, rifles and knives, as well as blunt objects and bats. Alongside this you will also learn silent takedowns and arrest maneuverers. The whole camp will be tested and pushed to their limits in regards to fitness and stamina. We never said it was going to be easy!