“Who you are now..
matters less, than who
you can become..”

Time to train

Our space is one of London’s top academies; individual in style, bound by a common philosophy: Intelligent martial arts & fitness expertly delivered in a luxurious environment that members feel are their own.

We challenge the banality of standard gyms with unique features and materials to make members feel comfortable and inspired to achieve. This Academy combines serious & hard training with luxury.

“the gym, is my shelter from the storm”

why us? 

Collectively over 25 years of experience, The Academy provides a professional standard of martial arts and fitness training. Our instruction and training methodology is unique, diverse and functional as well as structured, simple and easy to apply.

Our Academy is an illimitable place to train, if you’re serious about reaching your peak potential. Open 7 days a week, we have a purposely built martial arts & fitness Academy that is fully kitted out with a range of elite functional fitness and combat equipment alongside its bespoke training facilities for the students to use at their disposal.

don’t take our word for it,

we offer a free trial session to all prospective members.

Enjoy a complimentary healthy smoothie while we show & tell you everything our academy has to offer and participate in a free session encompassing:

A discussion of lifestyle
and goals. We listen.

A training session in your chosen class, you will
be pushed hard but to your own limit. The classes are demanding both mentally and physically.
Whatever your level, you will need to work hard – but it will be rewarding and worth it. We promise.

After your complimentary session, you will have a chance to
take a break, hydrate yourself & have a shower should you choose to – once
your ready, the admin team will then sit with you and go through our memberships & tariffs.

The Clique
Being part of our community is something very special, everyone at our Academy develops as individuals but at the same time we are a family, a clan if you like; a bond that forms naturally during training, they help and support each other not just in training but in life also.


Motivate Yourself

Many people join our Academy because they want change; they want to build their self-esteem, self-confidence, courage and motivation to achieve to their full potential and ultimately be a successful person in their careers, relationships and peak in their personal development.  Training with us could change your life; you can be the best version of yourself by gaining these key tools and skills habitually through training.