Please read and abide by these rules as they are there for the benefit of everyone.

As a Chinese Wing Tsun Kung-Fu School we teach our students to the highest level and we expect the behaviour of our students to reflect this. Intentional or repeated breaking of these rules can lead to expulsion.[/vc_column_text]

It is essential that you follow the Etiquette guidelines. Disrespectful behaviour to Si-Fu, the Si-Hings/Si-Mei’s and fellow students will not be tolerated at any time and will lead to immediate dismissal from the school.

Please ensure that you arrive promptly. If possible, you should aim to arrive 10 minutes before class begins, so you can prepare yourself. If you are late you must wait at the entrance to the training room until the Teacher/Instructor invites you to join the class.

The teachers are there to teach and answer questions. Please do not hesitate to ask anything.

Full uniform must be worn at all classes and school functions. Grades 5+ must ensure they wear traditional Kung-Fu trousers purchased from the Wing Tsun Academy.

You must bring appropriate training and safety equipment to each class. This has to be purchased from the Wing Tsun Academy for insurance reasons. A notebook and pen are also essential for learning. Advanced students must bring their sparring gloves, and gum shields if they own them.

You must not wear a wristwatch, necklace, rings or other items of jewellery during the classes. Whenever possible earrings should also be removed to minimise the risk of injury.

Please do not smoke, eat or chew gum in class. Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off or on silent and left in the changing rooms so that it does not disturb the class.

Wing Tsun is a martial art and requires contact with other people in order to learn effective skills. Like all martial arts there is a risk of injury. Please, therefore, ensure that you act and train in an appropriate way with awareness of your surroundings.

You should aim to grade every two to four months (Grades 1-12). The grading’s structured to consolidate your knowledge and your understanding of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Without grading it is not possible to progress effectively.

After grade 5, to maintain a high standard and to ensure maximum progression, students of this level and above must have at least one private lesson a month. Si-Fu, Si-Hings or Si-Mei’s are available to teach private lessons at all times, please ask them for more information.

Exclusive Wing Tsun Seminars are conducted every 2-3 months of various subjects in and out of the Wing Tsun Syllabus. Every student should aim to attend at least 2 per year. It is compulsory for Every Student to attend the End of Year Seminar, It is always held in November. The fee for this seminar will come out along with your direct debit that month, regardless of attendance or not. The reason the End of Year Seminar is so important is in order for the Grandmaster of the Association to check your progression and it acts as an End of Year Event to consolidate every student’s development and progression that they have gained throughout the year followed by a Graduation.

If you have an injury or condition that affects your training in class, it is your responsibility to make sure that the Instructor conducting the lesson is aware before the class starts. If you begin to feel unwell during the class or are worried that you might exacerbate your injury, please let the instructor know immediately and you will be able to sit out the exercise or will be told to do an alternative activity that wont irritate your injury. Do not attempt to carry on training if your are in severe pain.

Only use the skills you gain from your training for self-defence. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they always act in accordance with the Law. English law currently states, among other things, that the use of force should be reasonable and proportionate in circumstances of danger. The use of force should always be the last resort. Any student that is found out using the skills they have gained for causing pain to another intentionally or any form of bullying will result in immediate expulsion from the Sayed Sadat Wing Tsun Academy.

If you have any concerns about the Academy such as the tuition, any of the instructors’ behaviour or believe you are being treated inappropriately or inequitably please contact Si-Fu Sayed directly on: All concerns are dealt with in the strictest confidence. It’s important that you raise this with him straight away as other students may feel the same.

Remember – Your conduct should never offend the dignity of Wing Tsun, a true Martial Artist should always be   known for being of noble and honourable character. You must never settle for anything less.

Always address teachers by their titles never by their names.

Always bow when you meet or leave a Teacher – Respect is very important in Chinese Kung Fu.

If you wish to ask a question you must bow first, when the Teacher has answered bow again as a sign of saying thank you.

When corrected by a teacher always bow and say thank you.

Always bow to the masters and show the traditional sign of respect when you enter and when you leave the training room. This includes coming in the room from changing rooms etc.

A student must always wear full clean uniform to every class, after grade 5 all students must also Kung Fu trousers.

If you are late for a class, please wait by the entrance until a teacher invites you in to ensure you do not disturb the class.

Students should line up in the correct grade order at the beginning and end of every class.

Train diligently, you must remain focused at all times and foul language must never be used.

Never disrespect or argue with fellow training partners, a martial artist should always hold themselves with dignity and honour. If there is a problem tell one of the Instructors immediately.

When a teacher starts talking, students should stop training or talking immediately and listen.

When class is taking place or a teacher is talking never cross your arms, have your hands on your hips or in your pockets. When sitting, the soles of your feet should not face the teacher and you should sit cross-legged. These are all insults in Chinese Kung Fu. This applies if being addressed personally or in a group.

When seated and you wish to ask a question, stand up and bow when the teacher has finished answering, say thank you, bow and sit down.

When collecting a diploma/certificate, always bow and then collect with both hands.

In Chinese Kung Fu seating arrangements are very important. Please ensure Si-Fu is seated at the head of the table with the most senior instructors.

Never criticise students of other styles or schools and you should never offend the dignity of Wing Tsun. Never insult a fellow Martial Artist or another Martial arts school for any reason.

Please remember it is both a privilege and honour to be able to represent Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Your code of conduct should always reflect this.

Thank you.