“Violence isn’t the answer,
But it is an option..”

Mondays 6 PM

Boxing, the pugilistic art, promotes cardio vascular improvement, co-ordination (Hand & Body) and improved punching technique. At The London Martial Arts & Fitness Academy these concepts are enhanced by top level trainers who also aim to improve the defensive aspect of this noble art. All levels are catered for from beginner to advance.

Our energetic, friendly and encouraging trainers are here to help everyone: Whether you are a beginner who has never put on a pair of boxing gloves, through to an experienced boxer who would like to hone and improve their skills.

If you are starting out as a new boxer, or just looking for some training to obtain some skills, boxing training is different than other types of fight training. You will start with the fundamentals, including conditioning. There are pieces of equipment you will need to master such as the heavy bag, speed bag and you will also spend a lot of time shadow boxing in front of a mirror to help you develop your form. All of these contribute towards developing your skill set.

When you begin boxing training, you may find that no matter how great your physical shape is, you will be using muscles that you have never used before. Along with using the equipment mentioned above, you will spend hours skipping rope, doing conditioning and jogging. Once in a while, you will spar in the ring if you want too but If your goal does not include becoming a championship boxer, the training you will go through will enhance your physical stamina and muscle tone more than most typical gym exercises will because you are focusing training specific muscle that are not used within a  normal training session.