“Who you are now..
matters less, than who
you can become..”

Combat Fitness

Circuit training is a form of Conditioning combining resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for another circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise. Its designed to be quick and effective so you can have a very beneficial 50 minute workout and then be showered within an hour from the start.

Come and enjoy a circuit based workout whether you attend Conditioning or an Express Circuit class. These functional workouts will challenge at the same time your strength, stamina, flexibility, power, balance and coordination. The best workout for body composition whether your goals are dropping body fat , putting on lean muscle mass or improving your cardiovascular system.

Our London based conditioning classes are frequent and open to members of all fitness levels, our trainers will build a plan that is right for you and will encourage you to fulfil your potential.

A fast moving mix of exercises put together by the coach to target muscle groups in a high intensity format. As you move through the ‘circuit’, the muscles targeted at the start of the circuit are given a short time to recover as you move onto the next exercises. This mix of intense muscle use and constant movement builds strength, burns calories and creates endurance in the body over time.

The Coach will usually provide variations of the exercises at each station ensuring that all fitness levels are catered to. A less fit individual can start on the easier versions before working up to include some of the harder variations as he improves his fitness levels and technique.