“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children..
But we can at least prepare our children for the future..”

Kids Classes
Thursdays 5 PM & Saturdays 12 PM

The London Martial Arts & Fitness Academy offers children’s classes from 3 to 11 years old.
Martial arts offers children important lessons, skills and disciplines that your child will carry with them for life. Martial arts offers children important lessons, skills and disciplines that your child will carry with them for life.

In the classes the kids will learn a combination of the following martial arts:

Wing Tsun Kung Fu
Brazilian Jiu Jit-su
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Muay Thai and much more

It will help them understand themselves better, understand others, and learn to be patient and observant in training and in life


Your child will learn valuable leadership skills. The children will learn to work together in groups as well as encouraged to stand up individually. This is a fundamental dynamic of a Kung Fu class. They are together, like a family but they are also individuals. This group dynamic teaches children to thrive in both areas, and to have the ability to depend on themselves and support others.

As the children develop through the grades, the advanced students are taught to help the other children, and take part in leading warm ups alongside the teachers.

Self Confidence

Learning martial arts in our academy at a young age significantly helps the children gain confidence throughout their young years, we steer them to in the right direction, although they get confident we also want them to be respectful and honourable too.

Confidence comes as a side effect through martial arts training. As they learn new moves, gain skill and new abilities and are tested on them they see and feel more confident to handle difficult situations and express them in the correct manner.

Our carefully structured and unique syllabus & grading system will allow them to grade which in turn gets them new badges and learn to goal set in martial arts & in life.

The difference will be seen through in their school work, their ability to communicate with others, express how they are feeling or manage a difficult situation such as a bullying at school or argument

Strength and Development

Training a Martial Art is physically challenging, and it does improve health and stamina quite substantially. But it also has other major benefits. Through training weekly your child will develop:

Cardiovascular Health, Hand-Eye Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Automatic Reflex, Response, Speed , Agility, Power