“Only those who attempt the absurd, can achieve the impossible..”

Muay Thai
Wednesdays 8 PM

One of the fastest growing fighting styles in the UK, Thai Boxing (or Muay Thai) is two thousand years of combat history distilled into the ‘science of eight limbs’, in which the fighter employs fists, shins, knees and elbows, plus a form of stand-up grappling known as clinch work. Thai Boxing’s power and simplicity mean it’s widely regarded as the world’s most effective martial art and it has exploded globally in recent years, winning fans both as a breath-taking ring sport and a vital component of mixed martial arts.

We run weekly group sessions, check out our timetable. Should you want to progress at a faster rate we can offer 1-2-1 sessions as we have the elite of UK’s trainers under our roof. Warm up and fitness/ conditioning exercises, Pad work using focus mitts, Thai pads and kick shields.

All Students can take part in this class; the class often gets divided into groups depending on experience and level. Beginners will be guided through the classes step by step and help will always be available.

As a beginner you will receive plenty of help and guidance in your first sessions.  With some regular training you will quickly pick up the basics of Thai Boxing. We also offer Sparring for more intermediate members. (please note that you will not be expected to join in with sparring until you feel comfortable to do so, and have the necessary protective equipment).

All start with an intense conditioning workout and then move on to technique drills, partner work, and pad work, sparring, and further conditioning exercises.

If you’ve never trained before then we’d encourage you to come along to the Academy and watch what the sessions involve or take part. Many students who train here started with no or very little experience, so you’ll be fine!

Equally, if you think you are experienced enough to attend an Advanced session please get in touch and let us know how much you’ve trained, if you’ve competed etc.