The purpose of the seminars are to give you an insight of topics outside of the Wing Tsun syllabus such as weapons defence and multiple assailants etc. but more importantly the seminars allow you to gain extensive knowledge and skill in a short period of time. The intensive training in a seminar is equivalent to three months’ worth of training within normal classes. This sort of training is designed to massively boost your Power, Speed, Agility, Reflex Time & Knowledge of the Wing Tsun System. In short, the aim is to re-write your nervous system so that you react automatically without prior conscious thought. Not only will your Wing Tsun Level increase, but we also aim to increase your fitness, stamina and health during the course of the seminar.



We are taking this opportunity to let you know where the London Martial Arts & Fitness Academy stands amid current concerns around coronavirus – and what measures we’ve introduced to protect clients and colleagues alike. We will not close unless the government officially shut us down temporarily.

I’m grateful to report we’ve experienced no cases of COVID-19 among our workforce & clients, and that recent events have had no impact on our capacity to deliver martial arts & fitness training. We continue to monitor developments and abide by advice from the government and the World Health Organisation to ensure this remains the case.

The well-being of our colleagues & clients is paramount. In addition to our customary high standards of hygiene, we’ve implemented a heightened cleaning regime. We’ve placed a hand sanitation station, as well as distributing tissues, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes among colleagues

I’m confident that we’re doing everything in our power to meet this challenge with a response that’s effective and proportionate.

We hope this brings some clarity to the situation and extinguishes any doubt or fear and I hope to see you all in class!

Yours sincerely,

Sayed Sadat
Managing Director